Saturday, December 01, 2007

Let the Online Shopping Begin, or, checking out coupon codes, and the trouble that ensued

Just because I love you, Internet, I went over to Sephora to see whether I really could get the Friends and Family discount I mentioned in my last post. But it had expired. Bah, humbug, and all that.

But I don't let little things like missing 20 percent discounts get in the way of a good shopping excurision. Because something caught my eye.

My makeup-obsessed internet pals have been raving for years about Nars' Orgasm Blush. It's a pinky-peachy shade that gives everyone a wonderful just-shagged look. But I don't really like powder blush all that much. I have dry skin, and it just sort of sits there on top of my face, making me look--well, powdery. But! I saw that Nars' wonderful Multiple sticks (cream/gel sticks for use all over the face) now include the Orgasm shade. And of course, this meant that I would be getting a Multiple Orgasm. So of course I popped for Nars Multiple in Orgasm.

I also ordered two oh-dear-I'm-not-getting-any-younger-am-I? skincare items: Bliss Sleeping Peel Resurfacing Gel ($30)

and a Cosmedicine Starter Kit ($48).

Because the FF code had expired, I used a code from There were codes for things I didn't want or was already getting, like free shipping, so I went with the one that would get me a free fugly cocktail ring, which Santa will put in my daughter's Christmas stocking.

However, I did get:

  • free ground shipping (free with orders of $75 and up)
  • three free samples (also standard operating procedure)
  • a free bottle of Sephora Mandarin Grapefruit shower gel (because I signed up for Sephora's Beauty Insider program)
  • a free tube of Bliss body butter (because my birthday is within two weeks of placing my order)*
I really try to act my age. Especially when my birthday is right around the corner. But I'm very excited about my package. Oooh, samples! Freebies! Squeeeee!

*While the actual day is December 12, birthday greetings will be accepted with pleasure any time between now and Christmas.

Shopping Discount Links UPDATED

There's an email floating around with a metric ton of clickable links for discounts on lots of on-line stores, as well as links to coupons you can print and bring to brick and mortar stores.

No one has seen fit to forward to me, but Charming & Delightful has posted it on her blog, so head over there and check it out.

Naturally, neither I nor Charming & Delightful can vouch for these deals, but they're definitely worth a look.


The first code I checked out, the Friends and Family code for Sephora, didn't work. Bugger!