Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today Only: Tarte offering 30 percent discount for Earth Day is running a one-day-only discount of 30 percent with the coupon code EARTHDAY.

Well, as Joan Rivers was wont to say: Can we talk? What's the point of running a sale in celebration of Earth Day? What good does it do the earth to ramp up the average American woman's lust for consumer goods?

Let's face it; if you take advantage of this generous discount, you'll add to the Earth's problems. Trucks and airplanes and factories will create more pollution. You'll get a package in the mail that will create more solid waste. For all I know, you'll endanger the polar bears and make the baby seals cry.

In other words, I smell a sales gimmick, OK? Well, OK then.

Say you're in the market for new makeup, anyway. And say you're looking for an eyebrow product that will combine brow color, brow gel, a brow brush, a teeny tiny tweezer, and a mirror, all wrapped up in a compact that's perfect for travel. You couldn't do better than to buy yourself Tarte's the toolbox.

See how it's claiming to be a $32 value for $18? They're not making that up; I believe I actually did pay $32 for it.

But with the EARTHDAY code, you can get it for $12.60. Shipping is $5.00, although is you spend $50, you'll get free shipping.

(Just be aware that you'd have to kill a lot of baby seals to take advantage of the free shipping offer.)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hans Solo trapped in Carbonite soap FTW!

The good news is that this is an actual bar of soap. Yes, it's Han Solo that time he got trapped in whatchamacallit in -- was it The Empire Strikes Back? Anyway. If you have a Star Wars geek in your life--and who among us can say she does not--then you need to buy him or her a cake of Luxury Lane's awesome, olive-oil-infused vegan soap. For only $6.50, this could be the Greatest Father's Day Present Of All Time.

The bad news is that the soapmaker is completely backordered, and it will take 4-6 weeks for your order to arrive.

Oh well. As they say in another famous movie: nobody's perfect.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Preppy according to Poppy

Being able to laugh at The Official Preppy Handbook was my reward for

a. having to spend six years at an all-girl school;
b. having to play field hockey;
c. having to learn Latin;
d. being Episcopalian;
e. all of the above.

If you think I picked e., you're absolutely right. However, not everyone agrees:

It's coming out in September, 2010. And you know I'll buy it. And I'll read it.

But I'll be thinking "Tsk, tsk, tsk, buying clothes from the J. Crew catalog doesn't make you a prep. You have to have suffered."

"I have nothing to declare ... except genius."

by PoppyBuxom featuring TopShop

What not to do with a TopShop haul:
  1. Buy a bunch of great stuff from TopShop, like those wooden platform sandals
  2. excellent "Oscar" cuban-heeled baby blue nubuck lace-up sandals
  3. a squashy-soft luggage brown cross-body bag
  4. a cream-and-taupe window-pane check scarf
  5. and then overlook the part where they'll charge me DUTY on these these items because duh, they're imported from England
  6. and have to shell out $50 for Customs duty when the mailman drops off the package.
Where's a harbor so I can throw some tea into it?

(Luckily I really love my new loot.)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Urban Decay Friends and Family Sale, April 6th-19th

Visit Urban Decay to access the site, and use 1SFNSF to get the discount.

Thanks to Beauty Blogging Junkie for the head's up!