Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Green gift wrapping for the fashion-forward set

Guess what you find if you do an eBay search for "ugly"?

A cornucopia of holiday themed sweaters, all being pitched as a cool 80s retro look.

Gosh, I'm feeling nostaligic. I can just imagine Princess Di wearing one of these beauties. But dowdy? Definitely. Unless you have any Gen Y friends who are throwing one of those ironic holiday-sweater-themed cocktail parties, in which case, head to your local thrift shop and pick one up.

Otherwise, enjoy these for what they are: a walk through the not-so-distant past when people celebrated Christmas by dressing up as a roll of wrapping paper.

Wait a minute. The Christmas light just went on over my head! These sweaters really do look like wrapping paper. And if you have a large, irregularly-sized gift to wrap, what could be more environmentally-friendly than to wrap it in one of them? And just think--this would be the gift that keeps on giving. You could use them year after year after year--how green is that? Just think about how many holiday sweaters you'd be keeping out of the landfills.

Martha Stewart is green with envy right this minute. And she's into recycling, so watch for this idea next year in Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Really, I am brilliant. Just think--in a pinch, in case of a power outage, you could actually wear them to keep warm.

While the electricity is out, of course. Promise me that you'll put them back in the gift-wrap supplies closet as soon as the lights come back on.