Sunday, June 18, 2006

Poppy's black tie bonanza-rama.

I finally had a chance to do some North Michigan Avenue shopping. So I went a little crazy.

This is what I needed: whatever underwear it would take for the dress I was wearing to a black tie event Saturday evening to fit nicely and look smooth and bulge-free.

I also needed a pair of summery evening shoes. Because the day was supposed to reach 94 degrees. Ninety-four degrees! And me in a long dress, yards of spandex, and pantyhose. At least my toes could be feeling a breeze.

I headed out to go to Nordstrom's, figuring they have a ton of shoes, and the lingerie selection is good; they sell the almighty Wacoal bra. So Nordstrom's it was.

Except it was so hot outside that I ducked into the first department store I hit that sells shoes and underwear. Which was Neiman Marcus. Where my choices were pretty much limited to big name designer stuff. And I actually tried on a pair of Manolos. But then I tried on these and was instantly sold because even with 3-1/4 inch heels, they were amazingly comfortable. They are now on sale at the Cole Haan website, so if you wear a size 9.5, you're in luck. I, unfortunately, did not get them on sale, and thus paid the full retail price of $325.

Then I hit lingerie where I tried on 5,000 bras and one shaper: the Spanx Slim Cognito Seamless Mid-Thigh Bodysuit ($68). I also got a new Chantelle ($65) bra. (Who knew French babes could develop impressive racks? I had no idea Chantelle bras were available in my size.)

The irony of all this? Is that I spent over $400 to underpin/accessorize a dress I got on ebay, brand-new with tags, for $29.99.

The double irony is that I got a ton of compliments on the dress. And while I wasn't expecting anyone to compliment me on my new underpinnings, no one had anything to say about my new shoes, which are, as you can see, gorgeous.

The adventure continued. On my way out of Neiman's, I went through accessories and bought a pink straw hat and two Hermes scarves. Also some loot for my husband for Father's Day. But you deserve pictures, so the details will wait until I have my camera. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Michigan Ave is a bit to expensive for my blood.
Go to a DSW in your area or to Lori's Designer discount in Northfield (don't know if you are near there). I think there is one somewhere in Chicago as well.
Try for a good discount on some shoes as well. Free shipping and handling and also no sales tax.

Susie Sunshine said...

The dress is divine!!!!!!

Katherine said...

You crack me up! Great blog!

beelzebuggy said...

Um, you wore a BUTT lift and separator?!