Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blogger is the new Winona Ryder.

And I can only hope that like Winona Ryder, Blogger experiences a long, slow slide into obscurity. Because Blogger has shoplifted two of my posts. Two very well-written, clever posts, too. Designer posts. With labels. One was even a Karl Lagerfeld.

To make matters worse, in one case Blogger has eaten a post, thrown it up, and then eaten it again. Which I guess also makes Blogger the what--Nicole Ritchie?--of blogging software.

I say this so that if by any chance you saw the post about Karl Lagerfeld, or the post where I made fun of Blogger for not letting me upload pictures--and you're wondering where they went--well, yeah. Me too.

Wait a minute--hear that? I think the security alarm just went off again.

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