Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Do you suppose it smells as preppy as it looks?

This is Oscar de la Renta's new limited-edition fragrance, "Bamboo." It's available at Marshall Field's. Two ounces of EDT for $39.50.

I'm guessing that it smells fresh and green.

But look at it!

Don't you think it should smell like a gin & tonic? With extra lime?

I think I might buy it just for the fun of displaying it on my bureau ... even if it reeks.


Joke said...

Either a G&T extra lime, but the top reminds me of a Cape Codder.


zandperl said...

From the colors, I'm expecting frogs and lipstick/nailpolish scented, neither of which is particularly appealing to me. But most perfume isn't in my opinion. And MORE of it only makes it stink worse.

Dilly Dilly said...

I am smelling Now & Laters....

I am a first time visitor to your blog and I must say it is divine! I will be back!

renee said...

i dont like the bottle but i like the scent. the bottle looked very barbie to me for some reason... lol
from renee