Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Poppy's Change of Heart--on sale at 40% off!

So the husband and I have been talking about the income and the outgo of this household, and it looks like some budgeting is in order. And of course, he's all depressed.

Notice I said "he."

Because there's nothing I like better than a shopping challenge. As in "how low can I go before I would say my standard of living has changed significantly?" I have a feeling that's pretty low.

For one thing, I've already done some shopping for spring, what with a new bag, a pretty pink Razr phone, and a spree I went on recently at the Barry Bricken store in Winnetka.

I didn't tell you about that because I'm a perfectionist, and I don't like to talk about stuff without posting pictures. But I'm a perfectionist who apparently a) can't manage to keep her digital camera charged, b) or keep it in a sensible location, or c) find the cord that connects it to my laptop, so what with one thing and another, I haven't managed to take any pictures of my new loot.

But it's scrumptious. A week or two ago I went into the Barry Bricken store for some of their perfect jeans, and bought two pairs. But! I also went over the sale tables and scored five cashmere sweaters: three long-sleeved cable-knitted beauties in periwinkle blue, pink, and cream, one navy blue tissue-weight short-sleeved cashmere t-shirt in navy blue, and a fun argyle-front long sleeved crewneck in hot pink, orange, and brown--sounds hideous, but looks great with two-year's-ago brown Lilly Pulitzer stuff. These sweaters are perfect for easing me through the last of the chicago winter, because they're warm, yet the colors are springy.

Pictures soon, I promise.

As for future shopping, I've got to go through my spring inventory. Mine, but more especially, my children's. They continue to shoot up like giraffes and we're heading to Florida for spring break. I'm assuming nothing they own will fit.

On the cosmetics front, I got the Clairol Source magazine, and it has a coupon for Pantene's new Pro-V Expressions shampoos and conditioners. I am totally planning to try those, because the Kerastase Reflection shampoo and Chroma Reflect conditioner are heinously expensive, even on sale, which, by the way, they were so not when I popped for them at my mega-buck$ $alon ... if and when I buy refills, I'm heading straight to the internet!


KKT said...

my indulgence is victoria's secret shampoo... i think its $10 a bottle. but it smells soooo good and i love the way it makes my hair feel!

Pavlina said...

hmmm, we are like bizarro twins. I have the magenta razr.

Anonymous said...

Hi Poppy. Doesn't your hubby realize that you must continue to shop regularly because we enjoy hearing about what you have purchased.