Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Somebody somewhere had me clicking around the internet, and before I knew it I was perusing the new offerings on the LeSportsac website. And I came across a few designs that tickled my fancy.

First of all, there is a rush of Hermes--well, I won't tar them with the epitaph "knock-offs," and no one would mistake them for Hermes, but they are definitely horsey:

Which also comes in light beige. And then there's

Which, again, wouldn't fool anyone for a second. But this one

is really a bit too close to Hermes's iconic "Bolduc" print ... so if I were an in-house attorney at Hermes, I'd sit up and notice.

So that was fun. But then ... I found it. The perfect print. The print that was so perfect that I actually went and found my daughter and shoved my laptop under her nose, practically squealing "Look at this!" and hoping that she'd like it so I could spend $78 on a new backpack for her.

And she did, so I did.

So ... the moral of the story is ... if you like to shop, name your daughter Cinderella Snow White Sleeping Beauty "Barbie."

p.s. The LeSportsac website is awesome. And if you're interested in a particular pattern for Barbie your daughter, you can search for every style available in it.

p.p.s. Free shipping and no sales tax, too.

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Sarah O. said...

Poppy, I am so impressed that you're familiar with the name of the "Bolduc" print!

My daughter selected a guy-ish grey North Face backpack.

She's never let me dress her in girly clothes. What's a mother to do?