Saturday, July 22, 2006

Still In the Pink!

It just goes to show you. Here I provide In the Pink with great, free publicity. I mean, all six of the people who read this blog probably went off and ordered something from their Spring 2006 clearance sale.

But me? I ordered on Thursday. My package showed up Friday. Fast shipping, right? But I ordered four Shrunken Polos and only received three, and of the three, one is the wrong color.

But do I stamp my foot, pout, and flounce off? No I don't. I checked my confirmation email and found the store's telephone number, so I called In the Pink and talked to customer service representative. She told me the missing Phipps Pink polo was shipped yesterday, and she issued me a call order for free UPS shipping so I can exchange the incorrect shirt.

I love internet shopping, but sometimes it's great to deal with a real live human being.

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