Saturday, January 20, 2007

Washington Post publishes articles on scary-skinny models

Is the fashion industry going to start policing itself? Apparently so. Yet according to the Washington Post, it's a needlessly bureaucratic move:

The industry also needs to stop hand-wringing, caucusing and shifting responsibility. If a young woman walks into a casting call who is 5-10 and a size 0, if she looks gaunt and emaciated, if her kneecaps are wider that her thighs, she shouldn't be hired. Designers regularly tell models they are too short, fat, exotic, ethnic, all-American. Surely they can manage to tell a few models they're simply too thin.

Thank you, Washington Post. The big kneecaps have been freaking me out for a while now. For the rest of the story click here (you might have to register.) Oh, and some exhibitors have been telling models they're too thin; it has happened at least once before.

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