Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yet another post about the black purse.

I know. Sigh.

But this is important, people! Because you know how my cheap-o Marc Jacobs Stella bag knock off from Target purse got stolen in Paris? And how I was so depressed, not to mention incredibly busy cancelling credit cards and bank accounts and shit like that?

And how I decided the only way to make myself feel better was to buy a replacement bag?

And how the replacement bag showed up and was not good enough?

Well, yesterday I returned it to Neiman Marcus.

And today, well, today I (very fairly and reasonably) gave the friend who went to the Lost Handbags depository of the Parisian police and claimed my purse for me (how nice is this guy? I ask you) permission to chuck the old one away. Because he couldn't fit it in his suitcase, and he did me a huge favor and shouldn't have to listen to a lot of whining.

So you see, now I really have to find a replacement. And then I will fill it with the wallet, prescription sunglasses, digital camera, passport, and other stuff that he got back for me.


Anonymous said...

Waitaminnit....I thought you'd joined the Compact and whatnot, and had forsaken shopping?

I'm confused.

My mom totally shops/spends out of boredom/habit, and I've SWORN I will not turn into her. I like to log the days in which I've not spent a CENT. (well, aside from water/electric/gas in car/etc.)

Damn, it's hard! And I love clothes and good design as much as the next babe!

Poppy Buxom said...

Well, I did join the compact. And I didn't buy anything new for six months.

(Whoops, I just remembered that I bought a charm while i was on vacation.)

Then my purse was stolen.

I've been cruising eBay looking for a used version of the bag I lost, but I'm also checking new stuff.

Because the point is to get a replacement purse.

But actually, I think it's far more likely that I'll get a used Marc Jacobs bag than a new one, because I'm not seeing any new ones in this style ... I think he's over it.

But I'm not.

Jennifer said...

I thought you LOVED this purse?!? Couldn't your friend have mailed it to you? Would have been cheaper than replacing it and then you'd have Your Precious back.

Poppy Buxom said...

Jennifer--well, I did love it. But before it was stolen, I was remarking to my husband that the zipper wasn't working well, and I was thinking about getting a different bag. And, honestly, this poor guy who got me back my stuff was only in Paris for a week and a half, and I didn't feel like asking him to mail it back. French post offices are murderously slow and inefficient and he was already doing me a huge favor.