Sunday, July 15, 2007

My black purse. Yes, AGAIN.

I bought a used Marc Jacobs Stella bag on eBay.

This is why you should be glad:

1. It is used, therefore Compact-friendly and 100 percent guilt-free.
2. It is excellent quality leather, and therefore better than my old Target knock-off, which I had loved almost to death (little chunks of the plastic were falling off and revealing its faux-ness to the discerning eye.)
3. Whoever was selling it will be OK, I hope, with the price I paid--$199.
4. I am pretty happy with the price I paid. (The Marc by Marc Jacobs bag I returned was quite a bit more.)
5. By buying a new (used) bag, I did not have to ask any more favors of the friend who already went to a lot of time and trouble to recover my wallet, sunglasses, license, etc., from the Parisian police. Have I mentioned what a swell guy he is?

Now, let's hope I like this bag. Because I feel the need to become interesting again.


Gabe said...

Fabulous for buying it off of Ebay. It is not someone elses March Jacobs, it is a VINTAGE one you bought. :)

But wait, your compact means no buying...what is with the carpet you mentions on Opiate. NEW carpeting??? Is that allowed? Just wondering and loving all you write and that I read. Cranky people unite.

Poppy Buxom said...

OK, this is embarrassing, but I bought and paid for the new carpeting in November, two months before going on the compact.

Yes, it took eight months for me to get the paper work filed with the condominium association to allow the installers in ... I'm such a lame-o.

Anonymous said...

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