Friday, August 24, 2007

Dominique Cohen at Target

Just as we're all doing back-to-school shopping for the kids and hauling the 10-pound September Vogue off the doorstep (sorry about the hernia, Mr. Mailman!) comes the news that jewelry designer Dominique Cohen has produced a new line for Target.

Now, piled on in careless profusion, as in the picture on their website, it's all a bit much.

However, individual pieces could be a lot of fun. Especially since it looks like this fall, at long last, black is finally the new black.

This necklace could work with just about anything.

The cameo is a bit tricker to work with, but as long as you don't look like you're taking it seriously, it could punch up a lot of casual clothes. Or black and white outfits. Or OK, a Lucy dress you thrifted.

I saved the best for last. LOVE the combination of crystal with black.


Jennifer said...

This is all cute stuff but, as you said, individually and not gobbed together.

Anonymous said...

The jewelry is suppose to be layered, duh. Single pieces look boring. Wear a simple top to bring out the jewelry.

Poppy Buxom said...

Dear Anonymous,

Who says? You?

But who are you?

Poppy Buxom, that's who