Monday, September 03, 2007

Neiman Marcus's 100th anniversary

OK, let's face it. When it comes to Neiman Marcus--brick-and-mortar or catalog/on-line, it's not all gold in them thar hills.

There's a lot that is way too trendy. Gaudy. Tasteless. Even--dare I say it? Tacky.

For the prim receptionist who moonlights as a hooker, this D&G checked jacket and shimmer skinny jeans.

This is what you come up with when Britney Spears is your muse.

While Juicy Couture continues to be inspired by Paris Hilton. Note the faux fur trim on a dog coat--how delightfully ironic and self-referential!

In short, all too often, Neiman Marcus illustrates the adage that money can't buy taste.

But I logged on the other day and discovered that Neiman's is celebrating its 100th anniversary with some exclusive merchandise.

Like these Ferragamo shoes.

These are so gorgeous, so old-skool Ferragamo, that I immediately fell in lust. That is, if bookmarking the page and obsessively checking them several times a day qualifies as lust.

The whole thing leaves me wondering whether, if I ask my husband to buy them for me for our anniversary, would it be the equivalent of asking him to bankroll a gigolo.


Heather said...

A PERFECT anniversary gift! You would be celebrating your anniversary, NM's anniversary and you would be able to wear them for years -- no matter how much weight you lose on WW! A slam dunk choice.

Jennifer said...

So help me, the model in the first photo looks fake. Like they photographed a Barbie doll.

Anonymous said...

and the model in second pic is too damn good. could you give her address i will propose her!!

btw here goes my blog if you would like to visit: