Saturday, September 15, 2007

Simply Vera at Kohl's

In case you missed her on Oprah, another major fashion star has gone mass market--Vera Wang for Kohl's.

Primarily known for gorgeous, simple wedding dresses, Wang branched out into lingerie, china, crystal, and, of all things, mattresses:

I guess she's interested in All Things Bridal. Even the wedding night. (Just so you know, that little beauty is available exclusively at NM for $2,999.)

To me, Vera Wang's design have always been simple, clean, architectural, ladylike--sort of like Balenciaga, if Balenciaga had been a girl.

Like this:

or this:
(Both on the NM website.)

How does Vera do as a mass market designer? If you head over to the Kohl's website, you can click on a slide show of head-to-toe Simply Vera looks.

Frankly, with Simply Vera, head-to-toe is not working for me. A few of the pieces are interesting--for me, the skirts are standouts--but a whole outfit doesn't work. Better to slot in something here and there with stuff you bought elsewhere, because an entire outfit has a kind of ragamuffin appearance.

The standouts for me are the sleepwear

This little robe is marked down from $40 to $27.99!

and lingerie.

This bra is marked down to $25.99

A lot of it's on sale, so check it out.


KathyR said...

Thank goodness you didn't show that purple ruffled blouse that everyone else has shown when talking about this Vera Wang discount line. Because that thing looks like an ugly waitress uniform. And I am sick of people pretending that they like it.

--she said, grumpily--

Jennifer said...

Mmm..., it's not really doing anything for me.

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