Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today Only: Tarte offering 30 percent discount for Earth Day is running a one-day-only discount of 30 percent with the coupon code EARTHDAY.

Well, as Joan Rivers was wont to say: Can we talk? What's the point of running a sale in celebration of Earth Day? What good does it do the earth to ramp up the average American woman's lust for consumer goods?

Let's face it; if you take advantage of this generous discount, you'll add to the Earth's problems. Trucks and airplanes and factories will create more pollution. You'll get a package in the mail that will create more solid waste. For all I know, you'll endanger the polar bears and make the baby seals cry.

In other words, I smell a sales gimmick, OK? Well, OK then.

Say you're in the market for new makeup, anyway. And say you're looking for an eyebrow product that will combine brow color, brow gel, a brow brush, a teeny tiny tweezer, and a mirror, all wrapped up in a compact that's perfect for travel. You couldn't do better than to buy yourself Tarte's the toolbox.

See how it's claiming to be a $32 value for $18? They're not making that up; I believe I actually did pay $32 for it.

But with the EARTHDAY code, you can get it for $12.60. Shipping is $5.00, although is you spend $50, you'll get free shipping.

(Just be aware that you'd have to kill a lot of baby seals to take advantage of the free shipping offer.)

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