Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"I have nothing to declare ... except genius."

by PoppyBuxom featuring TopShop

What not to do with a TopShop haul:
  1. Buy a bunch of great stuff from TopShop, like those wooden platform sandals
  2. excellent "Oscar" cuban-heeled baby blue nubuck lace-up sandals
  3. a squashy-soft luggage brown cross-body bag
  4. a cream-and-taupe window-pane check scarf
  5. and then overlook the part where they'll charge me DUTY on these these items because duh, they're imported from England
  6. and have to shell out $50 for Customs duty when the mailman drops off the package.
Where's a harbor so I can throw some tea into it?

(Luckily I really love my new loot.)

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