Friday, August 22, 2008

Jen Lancaster has won the (Barnes and) Noble prize for literature

For proof, guess what I spotted at the local Barnes & Noble. A rack of Lancaster. Not Jen's rack. A rack of Jen!

Jen Lancaster's books at B&N

Don't her three books look adorable together? They do, don't they? So (because for the moment this is blog where I tell you what not to buy) if you're in a bookstore and you find yourself picking up Skinny Bitch, put it down.

Trust me. Unless you want to go completely vegan and caffeine-free and wake yourself up in the morning by giving yourself a hot grapefruit juice enemas (or some such New-Age-y, real-life-unfriendly nonsense) Skinny Bitch is useless. I know this because I already wasted my money.

Don't waste yours. Head for the Jen display. Buy her books.

In conclusion, excellent display-age, Barnes and Noble--and way to go, Jen!

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Middle Aged Woman said...

Nice pic. I've noticed that since SAPF came out, all of Jen's books have been well-stocked at all my local book stores. She rocks my world. I STILL laugh out loud reading about her trip to the gyno, and I've read it like 15 times.