Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's official.

Gold hardware is finally back in style.

After all, nobody would argue with Marc Jacobs.

And I say, about time. I've had it with the ubiquity of white gold jewelry and silver-colored hardware on bags, shoes, and belts.

Ideally we'd have both silvery and gold hardware, of course. But I'm guessing the pendulum will swing completely over to gold now that Marc Jacobs is producing it.

Isn't this a gorgeous bag? Usually I don't like Marc Jacobs bags very much. Let me rephrase that. Usually I think they're fugly. But this is a far more dressed up looking bag, what with the quilting and the gold hardware. This is not a bag that says "Anorexic starlet schlepping her personal stylist to a shoot for the cover of Lucky magazine." No, this is a real purse. Dare I say it? A pocketbook. Meant to be carried by real grown-up ladies who won't carry it while dressed in an outfit suitable for dumpster-diving.

It really is a beauty, isn't it. Well worth taking the $1,200 plunge and ditching all that silvery metal and starting over with yellow gold, isn't it?


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