Saturday, January 07, 2006

My after-Christmas sale catalog binge

I've only made it through three catalogs, and I couldn't be feeling more smug.

From Delia*s (I know. I'm too old for this stuff. I was looking for stuff for my daughter. OK?) I scored three silly "ooh, I'm such a rocker" t-shirts. Also two excellent lamps, both mid-century modern and feminine, for her room. $29.99 marked down to $9.99. And, uh ... two pairs of sneakers for me. Puma Speedcats in purple with orange trim, and Reebok Motor Laces, black with cream colored trim.

Wow, Reeboks make your feet look huge. I never noticed that before.

At Hanna Andersson things didn't go as smoothly. Hanna makes great, colorful, durable outerwear for fashion-conscious little girls, but while their website is very slick and easy to navigate, their emailing sucks. I placed an order and waited for the confirmation email to show up. And waited. And finally re-placed the order. And still didn't get an email confirmation.

Two days later, just as I was thinking "Gee, I'd better head over to Hanna Andersson and see what's up," I came home to two big-ass boxes from Hanna. With both orders. So now I have to return stuff.

And last but not least, Garnet Hill. I loves me some Garnet Hill. Not only do they make excellent sheets and pillows and such, they have super cute clothes, shoes, and OMG the accessories.

So today I ordered some shoes for my daughter, because her "new school" shoes from September are now a size too small. And some pajamas for me, because I'm getting tired of the big-oversized-Red Sox t-shirt look. Well, for one thing, you can't bend over in one, not with the other gender in the room, anyway. So two pairs of jammies, a bathrobe, and oh, dear, I discovered that these awesome gloves were on sale.

I'm a glove ho. You know, anyone can be a shoe ho, but frankly, I think that's been done to death. No, for me it's coats, bags, and gloves. When I spot something totally cute and/or retro, I'm helpless. So I saw these super gorgeous four button numbers (i.e., they go up well over the wrist and keep you warm--no drafts!) and saw that they were marked down from an extravagant $118 to $68 ... Well, I had to have them.


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