Sunday, January 08, 2006

There's gold in them thar malls.

I might be the only person who is thoroughly sick of white gold this and platinum that. A couple of years ago it reached the point where the default metal color for everything--handbag hardware, shoe buckles, jewelry, and watches--was white gold. I've managed to accumulate a lot of yellow gold jewelry, and I was irritated that all of a sudden, I had to either mix metals (ew) or start from scratch with white gold.

The good news is that yellow gold appears to be roaring back into style.

Although Neiman Marcus is still only showing a sprinkling of yellow gold pieces, check out the jewelry on is definitely listing yellow gold-wards.

This makes all kinds of sense, as there are women out there in their 30s who have never, in their entire lives, worn a piece of yellow gold jewelry.

Of course, this also means that in five years time, I should be as sick of yellow gold as I am of white gold. After all, it happened before. Remember in the 70s and 80s it was all about yellow gold, even if you weren't Mr. T? Well, yellow gold neck chains are back, as seen in the Saks website and as pictured in this month's Sucky Lucky magazine. Big ones a la the "big bold gold" thing the magazines were forcing down our craws last year (or was it the year before?) but also the little dinky ones people wore in the 1970s to Studio 54. Oh my gosh ... disco wear ... I'm getting all nostalgic now. Danskin body suits and side wrap skirts ... Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dresses ... all accessorized with skinny gold chains and maybe, if you were rich, Elsa Peretti-style diamonds-by-the-yard.

I guess with the resurgence of the DVF brand, disco jewelry had to come back into style. This should bother me, I suppose. But for the moment, I'm happy.

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Joke said...

Yep. TFBIM just got a gigabuck YG watch for Christmas and I bet you by 2010, we'll be seeing the comeback of rose gold. Mark my words.

Mind you, part of the allure of white gold/platinum was the encoded flashiness thereof. Harder to bring off in YG.