Thursday, January 05, 2006

Stuff this.

I'm just about finished putting away all the new Christmas crappe, which means I need to start thinking about buying all the stuff I wanted to get but didn't.

I've decided this kind of discussion really doesn't belong on my regular blog. Not even on a "Choosey Tuesday" regular kind of weekly post. You know, like Show and Tell Friday, Half Naked Tuesday, or Get to Know Me! Thursday. Although I debated that idea for a while. But I decided my blog is already too damned random and all over the place.

So what the hell--why not start another blog? Four blogs can't be considered excessive, not when I have five squillion pairs of shoes, four squillion handbags, two train cases stuffed with makeup, 80 some bottles of fragrance--not to mention the partridge in a pear tree some asshole regifted me with. Right?


Badger said...

Hey, wait, I only know about three of them! What's the fourth one?

Poppy Buxom said...

I supposedly have an etiquette blog called The Daily Punctilio. Except I haven't written anything yet. I think I'm afraid I'll say something rude.

Anonymous said...

what ardo you have links to your other blogs? love to read them all!